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Finance, Debt Recovery, Commercial Debt, compensation, reasonable costs, late payment, interest

What costs am I entitled to?

Do you know how much you can legally claim back from your debtors?

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Finance, Debt Recovery, Commercial Debt, compensation, reasonable costs, late payment, interest

What Can You Do That I Can't?

Making the decision to outsource your debt recovery to a 3rd party can be daunting. You may wonder what we actually do differently from your own credit control process.

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Debt Recovery, Commercial Debt, Women in Credit, Credit Week

Glasgow firm nominated in 3 categories for the Women in Credit Awards

February 23, 2018 darceyquigley 0 Comments

Darcey Quigley and Co was shortlisted in three categories for the Women in Credit Awards, due to take place in London on the 15th March 2018. Darcey Quigley & Co will be competing against some large corporate names such as BT, HMRC and Lloyds Group.

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Debt Recovery, Cash Flow, Commercial Debt

Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is reality!

February 22, 2018 darceyquigley 0 Comments

The reality is, no matter how many sales you make, nothing brings your business down to its knees like a cash flow crisis. A delay in incoming revenue can be disastrous for small and medium sized businesses. With many SME’s relying heavily on a good cash flow, unpaid debts and delays with incoming revenue can affect the operational status of a business.

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Finance, Debt Recovery, Outstanding Accounts, CICM, Credit Management

Credit Management Magazine Jan/Feb 2018 - Lynne Darcey Quigley speaks about Commercial Debt Recovery and How the Industry is Unregulated.

February 07, 2018 darceyquigley 0 Comments

This month DQ featured on the most recent issue of the Credit Management Magazine. Company owner Lynne Darcey Quigley was interviewed giving her views on the commercial debt recovery industry and how it is unregulated. We are currently undertaking the application process to be regulated by the FCA, although it is not a legal requirement unlike the consumer market. Lynne has chosen to undergo...

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Finance, Debt Recovery, Carillion, Outstanding Accounts

The Effects of the Carillion liquidation within the Construction Industry

January 16, 2018 darceyquigley 0 Comments

It is safe to say that many of us spared a thought yesterday for the 40,000 Carillion staff across the globe who look likely to lose their jobs and livelihood. The company announced that it was going into liquidation rather than administration, meaning that there is little value left in the company. Undoubtedly the staff and all of the company’s sub-contractors will be the worst affected with...

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The Power of Outsourcing

November 01, 2017 darceyquigley 0 Comments

Client –Recruitment Agency V Debtor – Business Management Consultancy

Principal Sum - £6,750.00

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Commercial Debt Recovery - Changing Perceptions

October 26, 2017 darceyquigley 0 Comments

Here at Darcey Quigley & Co we pride ourselves in providing a professional service to our clients, being honest and upfront at all times.

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563 Day Old International Debt Collected Within 2 Weeks

October 09, 2017 darceyquigley 0 Comments

Age of Invoice: 563 days old

Principal Sum - £5,970.88

Interest, Compensation and Reasonable Costs - £1,637.52

Days to recover: 14 days

Client – Digital regulatory information, consultancy and training company V Debtor – Shipping Company

We were instructed to recover a commercial debt against a shipping company for a principal sum of £5,970.88. Under “The Late Payment of Commercial Debts...

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